Our workshops demystify our creative process and provide an inside look at the methodologies we use to investigate, devise, and perform our shows


Creating Theatre from Real Events

PART 1:  SEPT. 15 (6PM-10PM), 16-17 (10AM-6PM) / PART 2:  SEPT. 22 (6PM-10PM), 23-24 (10AM-6PM)


During this hands-on workshop you will work closely with LEIGH FONDAKOWSKI (Head Writer, THE LARAMIE PROJECT) to create dramatic works based on real-life stories. You will experience the step-by-step process of working theatrically with raw material when contemplating the early stages of new work. By working with Leigh on one of her theatrical productions currently in development you will explore such questions as: How do you develop material theatrically? What is the relationship between the content and theatrical form? How do you decide if there is a play in your idea when working with history and real events?

THE Storytelling Project


Led by award winning playwright/director, TRAVIS RUSS, this hands-on course focuses on the art and science of human storytelling. During this multi-week experience, you will learn how to build and deliver powerful stories by exploring the following questions: What is your unique storytelling style? How do you know if a stories will inspire, motivate, and galvanize audiences to take action? What rhetorical devices can you use to enhance the narrative arc and dramatic progression of your stories? What techniques can you use to enhance your delivery as a great storyteller? At the end of this course you will perform onstage during a live storytelling event.  This course is offered in partnership with FORDHAM UNIVERSITY and may be completed for college credit.